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[[:]] Datscha-Radio: Auf Wiederhören! | Hear you again!

Datscha-Radio: Auf Wiederhören! | Hear you again!

How fast a week can pass by! Datscha-Radio has broadcasted for seven days and nights from the Garden – with a considerable number of live concerts, performances and talks with artists, musicians and gardeners, with readings, sound art, music programmes and garden ghost hours about and around gardens, gardening and everything you can find, encounter and/or dream of in a garden.
Great many thanks to everybody!


((o)) Datscha-Radio: Gute Nacht im Garten | Garden Lullaby

Gute Nacht im Garten | Garden Lullaby

Darkness is slowly settling in the garden. And with it comes a veil of melancholia, floating through the windows into our wintergarden studio. For it's the last evening after a wonderful week with Datscha-Radio. Thus we a listening to the zikada, singing a sweet lullaby for us…


((o)) Datscha-Radio: Klaas Hübner – Oszillator Obstsalat | Oscillator Fruit Salad

Klaas Hübner - Oszillator Obstsalat | Oscillator Fruit Salad

Setting up the another time for a performance-talk at the garden table. Together with Klaas Hübner we are cutting fruit, for he will serve us a delicate meal: His famous oscillator fruit salad. Part of this are three very special pieces: a banana, an orange and a star fruit sporting switches and cables sprouting from inside. Plus, also our napkins and spoons are wired. A sweet dish that is going to be taste for tongue and ears…


((o)) Datscha-Radio: Martin Howse – Mycelium Radio & Telluric Substrates

Martin Howse - Mycelium Radio & Telluric Substrates

A radio talk at the garden table with Martin Howse about the communication with plants and fungi. As well as about how to boot a computer right from the soil with a very special home made device…


((o)) Datscha-Radio: KH Jeron – Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables Fruit

KH Jeron - Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables Fruit

A radio talk at the garden table with Karl Heinz Jeron on the hidden energies and sounds to be found in rotten fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, the artists builds a whole orchestra from fallen fruit collected under the apple and plum trees in the Datscha-Garden and its neighbourhood – playing a whole concert for us…


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: Datscha-Radio

Datscha-Radio: Ein Garten On Air | A Garden on Air

Datscha-Radio – A Garden On Air

A garden is more than a metaphor: Bridging architecture to nature, it is a living space for visions and encounters, for work and leisure. The garden has been a companion to mankind in all cultures since the beginning of civilization. With the onslaught of technologies of daily life, the topic of gardening has continually gained attention in terms of aesthetics, history and ecology. The true potential of the garden, though, lies within its rich multitudes. A garden is not just one place, it is many places; not just one system, but many systems. To create a garden for listening and international cooperation which appeals to all of the senses – this is the aim of Datscha-Radio.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: RadioRhizomE


RadioRhizomE is listenting to garden(')s underground and from beyond, collecting gems of hidden germinations and clandestine growth: propagule diasporas, grass root revolutions, and other movements in the greens, mosses, lichen and fungi, weeds and wild herbs, plant pharmacy and toxicology, strange symbioses, productive parasites and the fruits of decay, crypto- and pata-botanics, biolelectronics and techno-organic transformations, secret nests, garden ghosts and the whispers of the wind…


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: WINDTIME von | by TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO (radia #371)


windtime. another time taking up the task to search for n other time.


((o)) radiator x – 120308 – eat it!

rxl_k.gifeat it! radia #360 kunst und brot + radia #237 reheat the schnitzel

Kunst und Brot: in the first part of this show we're invited to take place at the table with an slowenian-international artist's collective to think and talk about the daily art and bread. consume as basic necessity?

"In 2012 Cirkulacija 2 collective returns to the habit of using language as medium for communication – and publicly: a format denoted as 'salon' as aesthetic outlet. In the first instalment we prepared a radio show discussion hopefully touching some of the important conceptual approaches regarding the public appearances of Cirkulacija 2. While more abstractly coded radio broadcast could be used, we decided for the more basic approach – the discussion, the talk.
The composition (of dicussion) was defined as open-minded, and with it we wanted to force upon us the topics that could potentially be emotional – or: the topics would have to be emotionally solved. It is of course the question of individuals’ different views on some very basic approaches.
The dynamics of a group over the years is a varying organism. Some things get forgotten, some topics get consumed, there is a constant fight against boredom and disillusionment. Some rituals and definitions have to be changed – and some new introduced. The production of meaning – the ideology?"

afterwards, we'll serve again a very special meal with a schnitzelessen coming from the complex cuisine of the legendary reheat festival:

"This years REHEAT festival's theme was 'electromagnetism' and therefore an ideal place to capture sounds for a radio show. The proceedings of the whole day included video installations, gps guided tours, lectures, many concerts and much more. The best way to represent this multitude was to send all recordings through the cut-up software called 'Schnitzel' written by one of the festivals co-organizers Dieb13. It was a great festival, next year you should go there in person. Until then there is this show." [K.A.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
boštjan leskovšek, borut savski, stefan doepner and – for a brief time – neven korda and radio student, ljubljana, for serving art and bread;
dieb13, mobile radio a.k.a. sarah washington and knut aufermann as well as resonance fm london, for re-heating the schnitzel;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

((o)) radiator x – 120105 – re:religion

rxl_k.gifre:religion radia #351 global prayers religion'n'roll + radia #317 alarmist plot

talking about religion? remember gretchen's question in goethe's faust?
a playback rather than an answer, no? first with religion'n' roll by piko be from berlin, produced for the exhibition "global prayers":

"Piko Be’s Religion’n'Roll Radio – Tobias Yves Zintel, Pollyester, Polyversal Souls Impressions of St. Agnes in Berlin, Kreuzberg – rent by a congregation named 'Citykirche'. Memories of The Church Of The Little Green Man – a gathering place for artists and outlaws. Sounds of the Theaterkapelle in Berlin, Friedrichshain – an eventspace, where also burials are taking place." [DMCC]

and afterwards – perfectly matching with the beginning of the new year – a follow-up by maxime blanpain from brussels with some dark prophecies from the mayan calendar:

"Some people say there are only 609 days left for human kind (according to the Maya calendar). Others pretend the Last Judgment is ongoing. Then that is little time to read again Mathew (24-25) or the Book of Revelations. This work started with the will to use the words of a preacher i recorded few years ago in Basel (CH).
Not that i wanted to discuss the relevance/rightness of an apocalyptic preach, but something in that speech had to be pursued.
That led me to associate the vehemence of the first part with a second one more breathing and rather speechless. Now, that breath of air could either sketch an interpretation of the Noah's journey on his arch (mentioned by the preacher), or be a response to the alarmists passion, or be a free space of no-response needed." [M.B.]

talking about religion? the anser is yours.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
piko be and reboot.fm, berlin, for rollin' rolllin' rollin' r.;
maxime blanpain, yann leguay and radio panik, brussels, for some unpredictable outcomes of some alarmist predictions;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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