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((o)) radiator x – 110721 – shortcuts to eternity

lgb-gtik.gifTBC radio : shortcuts to eternity radia #329: TIK RADIO BRATISLAVA SHORTCUTS + #57: and now eternity

in march 2011, members from of TIME INVENTORS' KABINET (TIK) met in bratislava for a week of collective research on radio as a tool for investigating alternate traces of time.
we used a wide range of methods (a.o. city walks, field recordings, investigations in individual as well as collective imaginations, deliberate data dreaming) to explore topics like time bending, hazy time, wind time, lichen clocks, ecotime zones, shortcuts – the latter to become the focus topic for our radio show.
based on our observations and findings we developed, performed and broadcast a live radio show on friday, march 18, 2011, as part of the research week's public closing event at hacklab progressbar.

for the second part of our show we hand over to radio TAZ lemurie prag – and in/to eternity.

TIK radio 'bratislava shortcuts' is a collaborative effort by
Guy van Belle (BE), Michal Cudrnak (SK), Nina Czegledy (HU), Barbara Huber (AT/SK), Kruno Jost (HR), Marton Andras Juhasz (HU), Michal Kindernay (CZ), Laszlo Kiss (HU), Verena Kuni (DE), and Jürgen Rendl (AT/SK).

is a collaborative artistic research project at the intersections of ecology, art, and media,
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems.
find out more about TIK at www.timeinventorskabinet.org

TBC radio : shortcuts to eternity is a transmission from the frankfurt unit of time intventors' kabinet.

special thanks to all radio active time inventors;
barb huber and michal cudrnak from col.me for organizing the TIK radio research week;
hacklab progressbar (progessbar.sk) for hosting us;
eu culture programme and goethe institute bratislava for funding us.
in addition to that, miss.gunst wishes to thank the following artists and sound collectors for additional material that has been used for the post-production of the show:
bent grandfather's clock based on the sound of a grandfather's clock recorded by digifish from freesound;
cuckoo clock recorded by morgantj from freesound;
find out more about freesound at www.freesound.org
moreover, lemurone from radio lemurie taz, prague, for bringing us closer to eternity;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



in search of an alternate perception of time. in a city where time is in a rush. while at the same time, time seems to stand still.


((o)) radiator x – 110421 – north

rxl_k.gifnorth radia #310: idea of north + radia #173: northern relationships


first with cathy inouye, rethinking glen goulds 1967's radio piece "the idea of north" to draw her own sound map of an imaginary aand at the same time very real landscape. with the voicees of inuit who were desperately missing in gold's project. and with contemporary sounds.

find out more about cathy inouye and her work at: easysonicliving.wordpress.com and at www.inukjuaksoundmap.com

afterwards musicians and sound artists from montréal create northern relationships.

contributors: Dominique Ferraton, Liz Pieries, David Koch, Courtney Kirby, Maria Mavrig, Emilie Mouchous, Philippe Batthika, Richard Williams, Caroline Kunzle, Cathy Inouye, Esther Boudrages, Sebastian Cowan, Margo Lane, Charlotte Scott.

pls. note: radia #309 has been broadcasted as a special premiere show on march 3, 2011.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
cathy inouye, the contributors to northern relationships and radio CKUT montréal for sharing their ideas of the north.
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

((o)) radiator x – 101104 – living landscapes

rxl_k.gifliving landscapes radia #285: hirondelle  + radia #85: emotional landscape

two living landscapes made from sound, unfolding into different dimensions:
a single swallow does not sing us from springtime – but carries us to and through an electromagnetic spectrum nesting the spirits of birds, insects and plants.

"While contemplating the mysterious life of the landscape, plants, birds,insects,we dive into the magnetic space where the swallows and echoes of things and their spirits live. There is iron and straw and the light's reflection on the water follows the eye, as the beating of the heart echoes through the landscape's melancholy." [B.R./A.S.]

and afterwards, as soul is a territory in its own rights as well, we're travelling further. emotions in motion. motions in emotion.
alexander nikof from skopje mixes processed guitar sounds and software synths.

"… it may disturb you or make you sleep. or may pass you by. take u to vast cosmos teritories or deep underground chambers… it's up to u… enjoy!" [A.N.]

beatriz rodrigues and antónio silva are two artists from viseu, portugal, working together as a couple.
they explore different types of media, such as sound and drawing.
making use of composition, balance, structure, simbolism, significance, rhythm, etc., they organize emotion and memory that lead us to non-places, abstract and shapeless spaces, in a mixture of noisy and melodic environments.

find out more at beatrizrodrigues-antoniosilva.blogspot.com

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
beatriz rodrigues, antónio silva and tradio zero, lisbon/portugal for making us fly with electromagnetic swallows;
alexander nikof from kanal 103, skopje/macedonia, for his bucolic emotional landscape;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: HEIMKEHR von | by rinus van alebeek & alessandra eramo (radia #291)

HEIMKEHR von | by rinus van alebeek & alessandra eramo (radia #291)

coming home from nowhere to somewhere – or was it the other way round?
let´s see. or maybe better: let´s listen…


((o)) radiator x – 100813 – stalkers

rxl_k.gifstalkers radia #273: history exhaustion + radia #193: the military landscape show

today we'll take a trip to the zone. no no man's land. but nevertheless lost.

first we'll join an expedition with no return:

"three friends search for an ominous radio station that transmits number sequences with mysterious messages. told is the expedition’s story through an area bearing names such as 'path of the invisible hand', 'stalin highlands' or 'post-modernist cave labyrinth'.
the characters – student, entrepreneur, skilled worker – lose their life or at least get lost under unpleasant circumstances…" [F.H.]

history exhaustion is the audio transformation of an installation francis hunger created in 2009, focussing on the subject of 'verausgabung' (exhaustion).
with the voice of richard cotter.

francis hunger is an artist, writer and curator. he lives in leipzig, germany. find out more about francis hunger and his work at www.irmielin.org
further information on the installation work 'history exhaustion' can be found at www.irmielin.org/works/history_exhaustion/index.htm
and at www.metro-berlin.net/index.php/francis-hunger-history-exhaustion-press-release

radia # 273: "history exhaustion" by francis hunger is a contribution by radiator x for radia art radio network
premiere week on radia: june 21-27, 2010

afterwards we walk military landscapes in different countries from alaska to new mexico:

"The sonic resonance that surround current and former military landscapes have intrigued artists working with sound. Memories of power and technology settle as an uneasy layer in these environments, creating opportunities for artists. I intend for this to be an on-going series, hopefully weaving in writings, interviews and inviting collaborations." [J.C.]

"military landscape" is a radio project curated and produced by jay cotter. with pieces by richard lerman and louise k. wilson.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
francis hunger for leading us into the zone and radio x for making this production/release possible;
jay needham, richard lerman, louise k. wilson and radio zero, lisbon, for additional audiowalks trough military landscapes;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: HISTORY EXHAUSTION von | by francis hunger (radia #273)

HISTORY EXHAUSTION von | by francis hunger (radia #273)

today we'll take a trip to the zone. no no man's land. but nevertheless lost.


((o)) radiator x – 091106 – sonata dawn

rxl_k.gifsonata dawn radia #239 morsonata + radia #40 dead by dawn

a sonata in two movements.
both rather dark.

however, the first one is take from live and about the living:

"Morsonata is the radia edit of a hour long live radio show produced by Mobile Radio for the FON festival in Barrow-in-Furness, England. With Barrow being home to Europe's biggest submarine shed and neighbouring Lake District having hosted Kurt Schwitters for the last years of his life we decided to combine these two influences. Schwitters' Ursonate performed in morse code by one of Barrow's retired submariners is the underlying thread to the show that includes live music and field recordings by FON artists in residence Haco, Susan Matthews, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann."

the second one, composed by tom wallace, deals with the dead, with

"clinical reports of people (mainly young drug abusers) who die whilst in hospital. The reading of their unfortunate medical histories is underscored with an electronic music composition made from hospital noises. The piece has been played once on Resonance fm, but was hidden in a larger programme due to the sensitiity of the theme." [T.W.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
haco, susan matthews, and mobile radio (knut aufermann and sarah washington) for their dark soata from barrow-in-furness;
tom wallace and resonance fm london for taking us on a trip with the dead;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: COUNTING YEARS von | by Jörg Köppl & Peter Zacek (radia #215)

COUNTING YEARS von | by Jörg Köppl & Peter Zacek (radia #215)

"counting years" is based on a radio and sound art project that took place in 2007 in amman, the capital city of jordan, in the framework of "no condition is permament" – an art project in public space initiated by the swiss artist rayelle niemann. it is for the first time that ammann encouners interventions in public space, conducted by artists from jordan, egypt, palestine, lebanon, and switzerland.


((o)) radiator x – 090227 – welcome to the club

rxl_k.gifwelcome to the club radia #203 eurodance... + radia #86 no exotic cocktailcore

welcome to the club.
an invitation to dance …


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